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Yellow Corn Varieties

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Bodacious F1 SE
75 Day. Has great seedling vigor for stand establishment. Produces 6.5’ plants with a sweet tender yellow ear. This variety has been a long time favorite of many customers and will continue to be. Great short season sweet corn.


Illini Extra Sweet F1
85 Day. The most famous sweet corn out there, melting mouths for years with its large 8" ears of sweet juicy taste! This variety is 14-18 rows around with very good early season vigor. This is one of the best sweet corns on the market.


Golden Bantam OP
83 Day. This is a old type open pollinated corn. Great flavor with over 50 years of consistency to this variety. 10-14 rows around of deep kernels.


Incredible F1 SE
85 Day. The leader of all sweet corns. This variety will keep you buying for years. Our top selling corn produces a gourmet sweet corn with 9.5” ears and 7’ stalks. 18 kernel rows around of sweet undeniable taste. Try this one and you will want more!!


Iochief F1 SU
86 Day. A longer season variety that falls in the great category of sweet corns. Nice 7’ sturdy stalks and 18-20 kernel rows around. Great companion corn with incredible. Use this one for the canning and freezing and Incredible F1 Se for the fresh picked of the season.


Gold Nuggetts F1 SE
75 Day. A newer variety holding its own in the field. Shorter season to produce an early crop for selling along roadsides and shops. 8” ear with 20 kernel rows.


Jubilee F1 SU
81 Day. This 81 day variety is a smooth and creamy variety. Nice 7’ tall stalks and very stable corn. Very uniform kernels that are 14-18 kernel rows around.


Kandy Korn F1 HSE
89 Day. This variety is another that will retain sweetness for several days after harvest. The 8-8.5” ears have juicy sweet kernels that are very tender. This corn has a characteristic of 8’ tall purple stalks. This will be one of your favorites.


Kandy King F1 SE
73 Day. A great companion variety for the Kandy Korn just 2 weeks earlier to produce an earlier harvest for you. Tender sweet kernels match that of Kandy Korn and will produce 12-16 kernel rows around. A great short season variety.


NK199 F1 SU
82 Day. This hybrid carries broad ears that will yield. 7-8’ tall stalks with great quality of golden kernels. This is a great companion of the delectable and incredible varieties.

Gift Certificates

HarvestMan Gift Certificates

The following letters represent the following:

F1: Leading varieties with top performing results. These varieties possess superior seedling vigor and production quality. These are true hybrids and seed cannot be saved due to hybrids having to be crossed from pure parent lines each breeding to get the hybrid result.

OP: Open pollinated varieties. Lower sugar content and does not carry the sweetness that the hybrid varieties will. Great corns for corn meal roasting ears when young.

SU: This is the standard in sugar type. These varieties are not as sweet as the F1 varieties containing 8-18% sugar. These varieties will produce a solid not to sweet variety.

SG: 25% SH2 and 25% sugar content. Isolation is key to these varieties as well as super warm soil to germinate properly, above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

HSE: Heterozygous sugar enhancer. 20-25% sugar content and tender. These hybrids prefer isolation.

SE: Homozygous sugar enhancer. 30-40% sugar content and tender. These hybrids prefer isolation.

SG: Synergistic, these varieties combine the characteristics of super sweet and sugar enhanced varieties.

SH2: Shrunken 2, 35-45% sugar content. Needs isolation and very warm soil for germination.

SH2SL: Improved SH2 45-50% sugar, Isolation needed along with extra warm soil for germination.

TS: Triple Sweet, These are the new class sweet varieties. Containing 75% SE & 25% SH2. The Sweetness will last longer and store very well for canning or production purposes.