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Bi-Color Corn Varieties

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Ambrosia F1 SE
75 Day. This is a bi-color Bodacious. Sweet yellow and white kernels with 8” ears 16 rows around. This is a great variety for the home gardener and also for market. Sell this one along side the road and you will have repeat customers.


Delectable F1 SE
84 Day. This is a Bi-Color Incredible variety and one of my favorite sweet corns. This will produce alongside any sweet corn with 8-9” ears and 7’ stalks. This is a great package corn and is one of our top selling varieties.


Peaches & Cream F1 HSE
85 Day. This is a great tasting variety with 16-18 kernel rows around and 7.5-8” ears. This is a long time favorite of many customer and a hybrid that creates a standard for other varieties. Great seedling emergence.


Sugar Baby F1 SE
65 Day. This short season variety is an extra sweet early season corn. This shows great cold soil tolerance and is very sweet in comparison to many early season varieties. 12-16 kernel rows of white and yellow sweetness.


Jackpot F1 SE
80 Day. This is a great variety for reducing your number of tillers. Very health plant with resistances to northern corn leaf blight, stewarts wilt, and common rust. Average height of 6 feet with 16-18 kernel rows on ears. Ears average 8-8.5”. Golden yellow color on the yellow kernels of this variety.


Temptation F1 SE
71 Day. This variety’s highlights include great seedling vigor, husk cover and tip fill. An average height of 6 feet insures standability. Produces 7-7.5” long ears 16-18 Kernel Rows around.


Serendipity F1 TS
82 Day. This variety serves a wide range of purposes. Whether you want to sell it to customers by the roadside or simply plant it in your own garden, this variety has excellent eating quality. 6-6.6’ tall plants produce 7.5-8” ears with very sweet bi-color kernels. This is a great package hybrid and a must for selling growers.


Bojangles F1 SG
74 Day. This is a bi-color version of the popular bodacious variety. Sturdy 7’ tall plant with excellent seedling vigor. This variety has great tip fill with 8-8.5” ears with great husk protection. Has some tolerance to common diseases.


Cameo F1 SG
84 Day. This variety is the bi-color version of Delectable. It has a very stable plant at 6.5-7’ tall plants and 9” ears with 18 kernel rows. This plant has great ear size and a perfect fit for the personal garden. This is a great variety for the roadside stand and also for shipping purposes. Has some tolerance to common diseases.

Gift Certificates

HarvestMan Gift Certificates

The following letters represent the following:

F1: Leading varieties with top performing results. These varieties possess superior seedling vigor and production quality. These are true hybrids and seed cannot be saved due to hybrids having to be crossed from pure parent lines each breeding to get the hybrid result.

OP: Open pollinated varieties. Lower sugar content and does not carry the sweetness that the hybrid varieties will. Great corns for corn meal roasting ears when young.

SU: This is the standard in sugar type. These varieties are not as sweet as the F1 varieties containing 8-18% sugar. These varieties will produce a solid not to sweet variety.

SG: 25% SH2 and 25% sugar content. Isolation is key to these varieties as well as super warm soil to germinate properly, above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

HSE: Heterozygous sugar enhancer. 20-25% sugar content and tender. These hybrids prefer isolation.

SE: Homozygous sugar enhancer. 30-40% sugar content and tender. These hybrids prefer isolation.

SG: Synergistic, these varieties combine the characteristics of super sweet and sugar enhanced varieties.

SH2: Shrunken 2, 35-45% sugar content. Needs isolation and very warm soil for germination.

SH2SL: Improved SH2 45-50% sugar, Isolation needed along with extra warm soil for germination.

TS: Triple Sweet, These are the new class sweet varieties. Containing 75% SE & 25% SH2. The Sweetness will last longer and store very well for canning or production purposes.